Governor's Messages

Message to the People

For the first time in the province of Sultan Kudarat, we are launching the website, “” to cope with the advancement of technology and bring the province closer to the people not only in the country but globally as well. As we all know, it is very hard to survive nowadays in global competition without a website. Through this facility, we can reach every kid to an elderly person to visit our website and find all the detailed information about the province. Our fellow “kababayans” abroad can also keep abreast of all the news and latest developments we are doing in the province because from time to time we shall update the different links we identified.

Times have changed already. Gone are the days when communication takes days before it reaches the concerned stakeholders. Today, even governments are into business to help provide support to local developments. The website then, is our means of promoting the province worldwide and we hope to entice entrepreneurs and capitalists to invest and make Sultan Kudarat their place and probably home. It is our vision that tourists will make the province a destination like other provinces and cities in the coming years. We have started already our promotions by holding several Mindanao conferences and caving fora in Senator Ninoy Aquino. The world class caves in Sen. Ninoy Aquino are our heritage and worthy to be showcased but must also be protected. Everybody in the province must try to see the splendor and beauty of these natural potentials and now we are putting these in the internet for the world to see.

I therefore urge the people of the province to visit our website and promote the same to their friends and relatives. The business sector can likewise benefit from this because relevant information needed to start a business can already be accessed.

Thank you very much, Sultan Kudarat Sikat Ka!