Bids Opportunities

CY 2021

  1. Propose 2-Storey Building (Doctors Quarter)_01042021
  2. Construction of Grandstand (Design and Build Scheme)_01042021
  3. Construction of Establishment of Bahay Pag-asa_04052021

CY 2020

  1. RFQ_01_Construction of Processing Center with MPDP
  2. ITB_Road Construction Projects_CMGP CY 2020
  3. ITB_Supply and Delivery of Heavy Equipment

CY 2019

  1. ITB_01_Furnishing of Labor and Materials for the Improvement of Freedom Grandstand_01032019
  2. ITB_02_Invitation To Re-Bid_Kulaman-Lebak Road_01092019
  3. ITB_03_Procurement of Two (2) Units Crawler Excavator (Brand New)_01172019
  4. ITB_04_ Invitation To Re-BID_Furnishing of Labor and Materials for SKPH Fencing, SKPH Hospital Expansion_02062019
  5. ITB_05_Furnishing of Labor and Materials for Improvement of Capitol Extension, such as Gym, Tennis Court, Fencing, Basketball Court, Motorpool and Bankhouse_04222019
  6. ITB_06_Furnishing of Labor and Materials For the Construction of SKPH Drainage_04222019
  7. ITQ_07_Supply and Delivery of One (1) Unit 4×2 Hauling Truck, 6 Tonner (Brand New)_05242019
  8. ITB_08_Furnishing of Labor and Materials for the Construction of SKPH Fence, and Construction of Establishment of Bahay Pag-asa_06262019
  9. ITB_09_Supply and Installation of Airconditioning System for Sultan Kudarat Sports Complex and Cultural Center_07162019
  10. ITB_10_Construction of Multi Purpose Building in Antong,Natividad, and Zeneben Integrated Schools_08062019
  11. ITB_11_Construction of Multi Purpose Building in Antong,Natividad, and Zeneben Integrated Schools_08262019 (RE-BID)
  12. ITB_12_Procurement of Various Agricultural Machineries_10182019ITB_13_CMGP CY 2019 Road Concreting Projects_11072019

CY 2018

  1. ITB_2018-001_Concreting of Lambayong-New Cebu-Zeneben Road (6.4 kms) and Concreting of Highway Jct.-Suben-Mangilala Road (1.58 kms)
  2. ITB- 2 Units Crawler Excavator (Brand New)
  3. ITB-5 units Service Vehicle (Brand New)
  4. ITB_CMGP CY 2018_5 Various Road Concreting Projects_05212018
  5. ITB_Construction of Halfway House_05302018
  6. ITB_Supply and Delivery of Service Vehicles and Farm Equipment_06142018
  7. Invitation to Re-Bid CMGP CY 2018_5 Various Road Projects_07102018
  8. ITB_Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall (Grand Stand)_09172018
  9. ITB_1 Unit Ambulance (Brand New)_09182018
  10. ITB_Procurement of Post Harvest Facilities Projects (Farm Machineries and Equipment)
  11. ITB_Furnishing of Labor and Materials for the Construction of Multi-Purpose Shed_10292018
  12. ITB_Supply and Delivery of Two (2) units Crawler Excavator (Brand New)_12132018

CY 2017

  1. ITB_4 Storey New Provincial Hospital Building – Phase I_09042017
  2. ITB_Labor and Materials for Construction of Storage Room at Sports Complex_11092017